How to be a vegetarian when you are depressed, and a college student.

4 min readDec 3, 2021


Before I say anything I need to state, I am not a dietitian or a doctor. I am just a broke college kid who is trying to be a vegetarian and it’s kinda hard

Over the past few years, plant-based diets have shown up everywhere. Whether for religious reasons or health reasons people are saying it’s the way to go. It gives you more energy, clears your skin. It can prevent diabetes, heart disease, and apparently cancer. It’s cheaper and you’ll never go back. (What is a plant-based diet and why should you try it? — Harvard Health)

Plant-Based Diets (

Now the reason I decided to cut out was not mainly the health benefits, it was because I kept crying in the drive-through of Mcdonald’s. I love animals, I always have. I just can’t understand why people would want to hurt them. And the health benefits are an added bonus. And I was really excited for the first week, I had so many recipes that I wanted to try so I ran to the store and spent half my paycheck. My fridge was full of ingredients and my Pinterest board was full of wonderful-looking foods, but when it came to making the foods. I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

The issue here is, sometimes, when you have a mental illness, it’s really freaking hard to make yourself do stuff. When I got the food it seemed fun and exciting but when it came time to cook it was hard. I haven’t even mentioned that I don’t have the time between classes, homework, and rehearsal. Even though the recipes I find say “10 minutes to make” it’s usually more than 10 minutes. Also the food I buy always ends up going bad because I only make it for one person.

I was determined to continue my sorta plant base — ish lifestyle, so I have found some tricks so I make sure I eat at least some food (this is where I remind you I am not a doctor.) (also I eat eggs and dairy)

Frozen or canned vegetables.

Sure they won’t look Instagramable and it might not be fresh. But, they last so much longer than the fresh, beautiful ones. So if you have a bad week where you forget to eat any vegetable but then you remember that you’re a vegetarian or you at least want to try to add more veggies in your life then they’ll be in the fridge or pantry right where you left them. A downside is you’ll have to cook them before you eat them where most fresh vegetables you can grab and snack on, but it is a start.

I like the frozen vegetables better than the can, but try both out!

Meals You Know You like.

When mental health gets you down, it’s hard to try new things. So when you go shopping make sure you pick up stuff for meals that you know you like. They are easy and a nice comfort blanket. If you do not know any Plant-based meals that you like, try a meal with that you like, and take the meat out. For example, I love sandwiches, they are usually my go-to. Trying new meals is a great way to find new things! But sometimes it’s hard, so have some things you know you like.

Cheap and easy.

I’m a college kid like I’ve said like 16 times. Some of the ingredients are expensive, and I don’t have time to create wonderful-looking meals. Some quick meals I like are mac and cheese cups, you just need water and a microwave. Another thing and no one will be surprised, ramen. Need I say more. Also, you can add vegetables to make it better. As mentioned before, sandwiches. You can make them as simple or as complex as you want.

While some of these meals don’t have vegetables, I think it’s more important to at least eat something instead of going hungry. Even though they are not meals, I try to keep snacks around in case I get hungry.

I do not have a meal plan at my college right now, so sadly I do not know what they offer. Most schools offer meat-free meals or salad bars.

As a person who doesn’t eat a food group, there are some vitamins that I am not getting, so I take multivitamins.

Being vegetarian is a choice. It has its benefits and it has its challenges. If it’s for health or religious reasons, I think it is worth it if you do it right. I am not a doctor, I am just sharing my experience while I try to live my life.




I’m just a person trying to get through life with some advice and opinions maybe.